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Connecticut Gym Owner Suspected of Seeking Sex With a Minor

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Connecticut prosecutors take sex crimes extremely seriously, particularly sex crimes that involve minors. Those facing charges for seeking sex with a minor face a variety of unique challenges, as well as significant complications. Even if you are charged with what you consider to be a minor sexual offense, the possibility of having to register as a sex offender is still present. 

Registered sex offenders in Connecticut face significant limitations due to their status, such as what types of jobs they can obtain, where they can go to school, and even where they can live. We discuss the most commonly charged sexual crimes in Connecticut below.

Drew Dreschnel of Hamden, Connecticut is Under Investigation

With the advent of the internet and common use of text messaging, law enforcement officers have focused their efforts on investigating potential sexual crimes with minors. Well-known “American Ninja Warrior” star Drew Drechsel is currently facing accusations of seeking sex with a minor. The Connecticut man owns the New Era Ninjas Sports & Fitness Instruction in Hamden, Connecticut. Law enforcement officers arrested him in Florida on the following charges:

  • Enticement of a Minor to Travel for Illicit Sexual Conduct
  • Travel with the Intent to Engage in Illicit Sexual Conduct with a Minor
  • The use of interstate commerce to entice a minor

The criminal complaint alleges that during the summer of 2015, he invited a 15-year-old girl to his gym in Connecticut. The woman alleges that they had sex at the gym. The girl was from the state of New Jersey, which is why Drechsel has been charged with child sex crimes related to traveling. According to the alleged victim’s mother, the mother confronted Drechsel after she found out about the incident. He alleged that he did not know the girl’s age at the time. 

He and the victim allegedly had sex multiple other times before she turned 18. Law enforcement officials have stated that they found photos of the alleged victim on one of his old phones. The defense lawyer for Mr. Dreschsel has stated that he will plead not guilty. As for the gym that he owns, the co-owner of the gym has made a statement saying that he will make all decisions related to the gym moving forward. 

If You are Arrested for a Sex Crime in Connecticut

If you are facing sex crime charges involving a minor, it is important to refrain from explaining yourself to the police. When innocent people are charged with crimes, they want to defend themselves on the spot. However, doing so could significantly hurt your case in the future. Law enforcement officials are trained at eliciting incriminating information from suspects, even innocent ones. 

It is easy to inadvertently or accidentally admit fault when police interrogate you. These types of admissions can seriously damage the case against you. The best possible thing you can do if you are arrested is to not say anything except “I’d like to speak to a lawyer.” Do not discuss any of the facts of your case at all until you have a criminal defense lawyer by your side who can ensure that your rights are not violated. 

Internet Solicitation of a Minor in Connecticut

Connecticut law enforcement agencies are cracking down on solicitation of minor cases. If you are facing charges for Internet Solicitation of a Minor, you are facing a serious charge that Connecticut prosecutors pursue aggressively. Those convicted of these charges face a significant amount of prison time. 

Prosecutors will need to prove that you contacted the victim through text messaging, or any other type of messaging on social media, such as through Facebook. They will also need to prove that you solicited the alleged victim for sexual activity over the internet. Soliciting means requesting, pleading, enticing, or entreating a minor to engage in sexual activities. 

Why Hire an Assertive Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Once you have been charged with a child sex crime, such as a solicitation of a minor, you need an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled solicitation defense lawyer will immediately search for any weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case against you. This will often include the following:

  • Demanding every piece of evidence and detail from the prosecuting attorney’s case
  • Filing motions to exclude any illegally obtained evidence
  • Filing motions to exclude any irrelevant evidence 
  • Investigating the credibility of the child making the allegations
  • Investigating the credibility of any witnesses to the crime
  • Investigating police reports, computer logs, witnesses, and any other evidence
  • Preventing the state from taking unfair advantage of the suspect

When law enforcement officers violate a suspect’s constitutional rights, the suspect can request that the court throw out that evidence as “fruit of the poisonous tree.” For example, if law enforcement officers conducted an illegal search and seizure of your computer to gain evidence, and they did not have a warrant, any evidence gathered may be considered unconstitutional by a Connecticut court.

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Facing sex crimes charges related to children can drastically change your life. In Connecticut, sex crimes carry significant fines and prison time. An experienced lawyer will negotiate aggressively on your behalf. When possible, an experienced lawyer will try to have your charges dismissed altogether or reduced. 

Spending the rest of your life as a convicted sex offender can make things extremely difficult. You will be barred from certain activities, and you may not be able to get into the college you would like to attend. Some landlords may refuse to rent property to you because of your criminal sex offender conviction. 

The stronger your legal defense, the greater your chances of avoiding conviction. The sooner you speak to an experienced lawyer, the better. At The Red Law Firm, our Connecticut criminal defense lawyers are prepared to advocate strongly on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.