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Have You Been Arrested for Drunk Driving?

DUI incidents are one of the most common traffic offenses for which law enforcement make arrests. Being pulled over can occur in a matter of minutes and it is very important that you exercise your right to remain silent and ask to speak with a New Haven criminal defense attorney. At Red Law Firm, LLC, we are prepared to offer you aggressive defense, regardless of the circumstances of your arrest.

Our firm handles a wide range of DUI cases, including:

  • Underage DUI
  • Commercial DUI
  • DUI with drugs
  • Repeat offender DUI

Solid Defense Strategies for DUI Charges

At our firm, we have a significant understanding of DUI laws in the state of Connecticut. We have dealt with every aspect of DUI cases, from chemical testing and field sobriety testing to the legal issues involved with probable cause and arrests. You can rely on us to go the extra mile to investigate your case and gather evidence on your behalf.

Fighting DUI Convictions in New Haven

We understand that being arrested for DUI can be a troubling situation that causes you an incredible amount of stress. It is vital that you do not try to fight your charges alone, but enlist the services of a New Haven criminal defense attorney to defend you. With more than a decade of experience in the field of criminal defense, we have the necessary skills and experience to fight your DUI charges.

Please contact our firm today at if you want a lawyer on your side who is familiar with DUI laws and can fight for you. We offer free consultations to new clients.

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