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Have you been convicted for a crime? Your life has changed forever, but maybe not irreparably. Having a criminal record can limit your life, including restricting your job opportunities, limiting the availability of loans for education, and restricting housing opportunities.

At the Red Law Firm, LLC, our New Haven criminal defense attorney can help you explore your legal options in regards to seeking a pardon to erase your criminal records. Call us today at to discuss your situation.

There are three options our firm can help you pursue. These include:

A Full Pardon which results in the erasure of your criminal records. Only your entire criminal history will be considered for a full pardon. You cannot apply for erasure of one offense and not another. The Board may also grant a full pardon with a condition.

  • A Certificate of Employability is for employment and licensing purposes only. It does not erase your criminal history. The Certificate is meant to provide individuals convicted of crime(s) relief from the barriers or forfeitures to employment, or the issuance of licenses.
  • Clemency applies to individuals currently serving a sentence. The Board holds two hearings per year.

There are numerous eligibility requirements for each of the above, however. These are based on your unique circumstances so it is vital that you seek representation to help explore your legal options and protect your future.

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If you are looking to erase your criminal record rely on New Haven criminal defense attorney Susan Red to help navigate the pardons process in obtaining a full pardon, certificate of employability, or clemency. We take the time to get to know your situation and work with you to find a solution that allows you to lessen the restrictions against you and have a brighter future.

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