Yale College Student Defense

Yale College Student Defense

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As a college student, you spend four or more years of your life dedicating yourself to your studies. Furthering your education and living on campus can be exciting, but living away from home can also lead to temptation and peer pressure. At Red Law Firm, LLC, we understand the various challenges and pressures college students at Yale face, especially when your classes get harder. Our New Haven college student defense lawyer is here to protect your best interests during this difficult time.

Taking a Unique Approach with College Students

As a college student and young adult, we recognize that you have a future ahead of you. Many judges and prosecutors want to give you the opportunity to seek rehabilitation rather than throwing you in prison. However, there are many steps which must be taken to prove that legal consequences like jail or prison would interrupt your responsibilities and studies.

We use our experience in the field of criminal defense to illustrate the importance of rehabilitation vs. lasting criminal penalties. Our priority is to work to minimize the penalties you face and ensure you have the greatest chance of success.

A few examples of the legal services we offer to Yale college students include:

  • Representing you in court, when necessary
  • Showing up to school hearings on your behalf
  • Keeping your family informed of updates

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It is important that you take the situation you are in very seriously and hire legal representation right away. You could face very serious penalties if you are convicted of a college crime, including losing your scholarship or being expelled. Whatever the case may be, our New Haven criminal defense lawyer's priority is to protect your future, freedom, and your rights.

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